Wouldn’t it be wonderful to count on being able to completely personalise the item of workwear you are looking for? No catalogues, no ready-made solutions: they are not for you.

You wish to have something unique, be it in the style, in the cut, or the shape and the material. You may even have received a few negative or non-commital responses. Contact us: our only answer to your queries will be: Yes, of course! Consider it done!

Fabrics, branding processes, prints, embroidery, logo applications and finishings: This and so much more is part and parcel of the Atimex service.

We can start from a ready-made model, which we will help you to identify among the articles present in the catalogue, or even start from scratch by designing a model based on your requirements.

Personalising involves the presentation of a prototype sample: you will be able to touch the selected article physically, as soon as it has been made in our laboratory. You will therefore, be able to examine the finished product, not on a screen, but by having it in front of you.

Once the chosen product has been made and approval given, we will deliver the order rapidly, with the assurance that the quality of the articles is guaranteed, ready to wear and perfectly in line with your expectations.

Contact us if you wish to personalise an item of professional workwear or a promotional article: we will give you a transparent quotation and a guaranteed delivery time.