When we talk about advice on selecting a product, we are also referring to a guaranteed result and the amount of time saved. An example? Imagine having to choose an apron or a uniform for your business.

You have two options: you can either browse through a catalogue (online or paper version), or rely on someone who knows what you need and already has the perfect solution in mind for you. The first option is the easiest and the most common, but it’s a Do-It-Yourself solution. The second option is the Atimex approach. And it saves so much time!

We have worked with many important companies in the Food Industry (and not only), we have been able to satisfy a wide range of different needs, examined huge quantities of samples and have literally memorised the entire selection at our disposal thanks to our suppliers.

If you can tell us the specific characteristcs you need, then we will be able to direct your choice to a limited number of solutions. This will help you to make a more accurate choice, without excluding the possibility of totally personalising the product (together with our Graphic Design Studio and the production of the materials directly carried out by Atimex).