Safety equipment: shoes, gloves and disposables

Occupational safety and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): safety without neglecting aesthetics.

Safety regulations in the workplace are extremely severe. They are aimed at drastically reducing the risk of accidents on the job. PPE is essential in a company. Atimex provides excellent guaranteed products in this sector, with ample possibilities of personalising them.

From the application of the logo to embroidery, from the choice of colour and materials, all the way up to the actual design of an article ex-novo. We can assist you at every stage of the personalisation process, to reflect the characteristic style of your brand.

Shoes, gloves, surgical face masks, protective glasses, high visibility clothing, multi-risk, cut-resistant, thermal protection garments.

Select safety articles, disposable items, gloves and shoes for your business: Atimex offers an extensive catalogue of the best PPE.

Production processes