Practical, personalised, made to measure. For food & wine events, these glassholders are essential.

A practical and simple way to have your tasting glass handy at all times! What features must the ideal glassholder have? It must be adaptable to the kind of glass chosen for the event. It must be robust, light and easy to customise. It could be useful to apply your own company logo, the logo of the event itself or even the name of the wine you wish to present.

A variety of colours and fabrics are available, and the same goes for the neck straps. We cut and sew them: so you can choose.

Did you know that we were the designers of the very first glassholder? After all, it’s not that hard to believe: we were the first company to introduce this gadget in the 90s. A simple idea, a creative solution: contact us if you need chalice-holders or glassholders. We can work together to find the right size, colour combinations or the most appropriate details and effects to suit your needs.

Production processes