Laser processing: precision, neatness, speed.

You can choose our Laser processing on fabrics for a wide selection of rapid personalisations on a large variety of garments. It is an innovative technique, normally used only in the fashion industry.

Thanks to this technique, it is possible to carry out innovative tailoring and decorations with extreme precision. You can count on Atimex to brand your garments with the laser processing technique: the a wide range of garments can be personalised, decorated and modified in a variety of ways with extreme precision.

In order to create this type of workmanship, we use avantguarde machinery and instruments, supported by a consolidated experience in the sector, which facilitates the analysis and the application of the best possible solutions according to the requirements involved. However, we can also use the laser technique on metal objects (pens and waterbottles) and on wood (cutting boards). Come and visit us in Asti or contact us for a quotation: we will find the ideal solution which will fully satisfy your needs.