Interested in products personalised with embroidery? With Atimex you can. Made by hand.

The embroidery technique isn’t as unusual as it seems: not only is it still in use, it has an immediate impact and can communicate the idea of having a fine eye for detail and a value which few other techniques can communicate.

We strongly believe in the enormous potential of personalising: the whole of Atimex’s approach is based on this concept and the versitility of a design… begging to be worn!

We have a specific department dedicated to embroidery, which offers workmanship and special processes (such as 3D embriodery) even in small quantities. We love technology: without the technical developments of recent years, we would not have been able to produce many of the solutions available today. However, there is an aspect of this process that we will never abbandon: it is the faith we place in the able hands of our skilled artisans, who are capable of creating something that comes close to perfection and is irrepeatably unique.

Contact Atimex if you need to customise textile products or garments with embroidered personalisations.