This is not an apron. This is your business card.

A company communicates through the image it chooses to portray and the way it presents itself. This is not an apron, this is your history. When you select a bib apron, a short apron, a t-shirt, a cap or a promotional item, you are telling potential clients your story.

Communication is important for a company. Being able to choose the right coordinated image, the most appropriate colours and the right type of logo or symbol, are important factors which determine success..

“You are what you wear”

This is not an apron. This is you.

It is your voice in a crowded choir of aspiring soloists, a billboard in a shopping centre full of shop signs. In order to emerge, you must do something different. Above all, you have to give your brand an authentic voice.
This is our starting point when tackling a given task: we find your voice and the most appropriate image to match. From here we apply a method that has been fine-tuned over the years:

  • Needs
  • Application
  • Solution

The first question is: what are your specific needs?
Together we define the reason why you contacted us and the product you are looking for.

The second question is: How will you use the product you are looking for? An apron can be used in the kitchen of a restaurant or at an outdoor event.

The third question is: What is the best solution? And this is where our expertise comes into play: if the product exists on the market, we will suggest the best choice. If it does not exist, we will design it and make it for you.

Do you need 5 pieces? No problem. We can easily handle small quantities. Do you need 500 or 5,000? No problem! We can produce them rapidly.

This is not an apron. This is the key to your Brand’s success.

Behind an image, there is an idea. Let’s work on yours together, to present your creation to the world.