Atimex: is creativity applied to the design of workwear, promotional items, prints and embroidery for the Food, Wine, Industry sectors and not only.

For over forty years we have been creating personalised solutions for top brands: our commitment is to provide the best product at the best market price.

Atimex in a nutshell

IN THE 80s

We were the first importers to introduce the Fruit of the Loom brand in Europe.

The American brand, founded by Robert Knight on Rhode Island in 1851, is one of the most important companies in the textiles sector worldwide. When we first approached the company we had a stroke of luck: vision, courage and entrepreneurship made it possible for us to strike a deal with the American giant and thus become the first to import the fruits of their loom!

IN THE 90s

Do you remember the glassholder pouch used at the food & wine events throughout the regions of Italy?

That was our creation. How did it come about? Thanks to our aptitude to challenges: we love finding creative solutions to complex problems. A casual question asked out of the blue whilst chatting with a friend:

“How do I eat, or even drink a glass of wine at these events if I’m on my feet the whole time?”.

Thinking outside the box: that’s the only way the best things come to light.


The WOW effect.

That wonderful sensation of experiencing something unexpected and delightful. Some time ago we took on a request to create a special foulard for a magic act.

How do you create such a product? Everything has to be in exactly the right place! Without revealing anything (well not too much), each fold of the fabric must hide every opening and pocket in an absolutely perfect way. We fulfilled our commitment with great passion and determination, as well as the right type of equipment. And where machinery couldn’t be used, we were able to rely on the capable hands of our experienced collaborators.


What is Atimex today? Competence, tecnology, creativity.

The path undertaken right from the early days has permitted us to increase our know-how and the wealth of knowledge we adopt today, together with a profound mix of experience and competences concerning every aspect of our production.

We have renewed our production department machinery, opting to invest in the latest generation of systems and state-of-the art technology. We are driven by a constant curiosity and a fervent desire to be updated and ready to embrace the very latest innovations in our sector: with our professionalism and competences, we are all geared up to help you create history with your Brand.